September 27, 2011


tim morrell

awsome as usual big dawg! haha of course i got mine!

Philip Frey

I've always wondered about the legality of this sort of thing. I understand the legitimacy of original art based on commercial properties, but I always thought that *publishing* such things were in direct violation of copyright (with the emphasis on "copy").

Is there an exception for small print runs or is this just a case where the big companies know it's not worth the trouble of going after these kind of small run prints? I keep seeing prints on ebay while searching for original art and wondered about it.


I love this ST:TNG animated print! I can see why it sold out!!! Will you do another one!!? Maybe set on the bridge with Wesley as well? :) would love to purchase one!

Josh Howard

Yes, I will probably print more. Also have plans to do a "guest stars" version that would feature Wesley. Just gotta finish my Dead@17 work first :)

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