December 22, 2009


Mark Anthony Ramsay

ooooo how exciting.

i'd like to get 50/50 on teh 2 packs i ordered. 1 by you and 1 by someone else. i'd love to see someone elses rendition of your stuff...

is J.Scott Campbell doing any of these by chance.... :D

Josh Howard

That would be great...but I'm pretty sure he's out of our price range :)

Eric Marshall

Do you know who some of the other artist will be?

Josh Howard

Yes, I'll be posting a complete list soon.

Eric Marshall

Thanks Josh, and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope to get you back up to Minnesota for a Con again sometime soon.


I hope you get to post a bunch of these on the site!!!


It would be cool to see your experimentation with various art mediums like water color, colored pencils, acrylic, oil, inked, pencils only, copic markers, etc. I'd love to see the entire Dead @ 17 universe of characters represented. I think past sketch card releases had artists put together a sequence of 2 or 3 or even 4 cards and draw a larger piece over all of 'em, so that it bacame a chase within the set to get the matching pieces sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. I think that would be a nice bonus to see. I'm looking forward to this release. I hope the other artists recruited bring their "A" game and does the Dead @ 17 characters justice with great effort and pride. If you know any of the artists, it would also be kinda cool to do a "jam" piece with another artist on the same sketch card too. This is going to be a great set!!! Happy Holidays...

John Walsh

Any chance of a giant picture or set of pictures/scans showing off the entire collection?

Josh Howard

Yes, I will be using different styles/mediums and most if not all characters will be represented. And I will do my best to scan everything so everyone can see what's in the set.


I've heard Jason Martin is doing some of the sketch cards- that true?

Adam Martin

What are the size of the cards?

Josh Howard

Standard trading card size 2 ½ X 3 ½

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