July 03, 2007


John Walsh

Please, please, please tell me you are joking. I think I'm going to cry already just hearing this. :(


Hahaha.. :) Yeah, I just saw the movie tonight and feel pretty much the same way you do. I'm an old school Transformers fan - probably not as hardcore as you are, but close - and about the best thing I can say about the movie is that they managed to make Bumblebee look cool.

I wish Hollywood would spend as much time on scripts, plot and character development as they do on FX and CGI.

Josh H

Man, no one is more heart broken than me. I wanted so badly to love this movie. I will say that I loved Prime's opening and closing monologues...but that's about it.

Benjamin Hall

I pretty much felt the same way, but I enjoyed more of it because I expected it to be MUCH worse.

I chalk it up to Michael Bay, he cannot make an appropriate kids movie, take out the sexy chicks, take out all the curse words and don't try to get cheap laughs from the kids with potty humor involving the characters, it degrades them.

When I saw the concept of Optimus with the blue flames I knew they didn't get what the Prime of my youth was all about, he was not flashy, he was a rock to be depended on.

But I got my Transformers movie in '86, that's the one that means something to me. This one just looked really pretty.


Wow, I never even knew there WERE hardcore Transformers fans! haha. But that's kinda cool to hear you (and others making comments above) talk about it. I guess it's a subculture I just missed. I owned a pile of Transformers toys back in the 80's but it wasn't a huge love of mine, more like something I tried while trying to figure out what I was gonna be "into" after the first Star Wars craze faded and they stopped making Star Wars toys. In that flailing period I bought some Transformers, got into GI Joes for a while, collected a lot of the monsters from fantasy toylines like Masters of the Universe and Dungeons and Dragons. I also went through a temporary but hardcore Voltron phase. But as time went on, I ended up just getting more deeply into my monsters and horror movies. Oh yeah and rabidly collecting comics and toys of Marvel and DC superheroes. So I certainly experienced and enjoyed the Transformers, but I guess I only qualify as one of those, "Yeah I remember those things, I loved the purple cyclops one with the laser gun arm" type of fans! Haha. Anyway, I was mildly curious about the new movie and am sorry to hear that it sucked. I know how bad that stings when a big movie comes out based on something you really love and it's all wrong and the general public, who doesn't "get it", can't understand why it's bad. Believe me, as a horror movie fan I have gone through that over and over again! Nothing like seeing your most beloved characters bastardized and trivialized. I can't believe what you said about the main characters talking openly about masturbation. What the hell is that??? What genius thought that was a good idea in a movie based on a kid's cartoon??!! That makes me feel all disturbed and uncomfortable and I'm only reading your reportage on it. I can't imagine how embarrassing that would feel sitting there next to one's innocent, wide-eyed offspring. Furthermore, I can't understand the mentality of filmmakers who put things like that, into movies like this, and subsequently create those types of squirming situations for parents with kids who the filmmakers KNOW are gonna be in the audience. As much as I revel in lowbrow material in intentionally expolitative horror and action films (Grindhouse being a good, recent example), the idea of squeezing that sort of content into children's fantasy adventure films makes me cringe.


I've been hearing a lot of people talk about "what makes Transformers work." I've read that phrase a dozen times in reviewing all the reviews and what intrigues me is everyone has a different answer. Giant robot battles for one, the paternal guidance of Prime for another... Bumble Bee and the boy. It appealed to so many on so many different levels.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, but personally I did. Yep, there was a pee joke. And I can see how someone would want to pick this thing apart. But I'm not here to defend any of it or my enjoyment. Just to lend an opposing thought. I had fun.

Pat Bussey

Man Im seriously torn on this movie. I Liked it alot and hated it alot. If any of you know me you know im a sucker for big explotions, dumb humor and generally I'm the guy most of these movies are marketed for. I FREAKIN LOVED the fighting and how distructive the movie was and the general story was what i expected. I sat there with my mouth open or smiling throughout half the movie. "Don't have a heart attack Josh". That being said I was PISSED OFF about the masterbation talk and general sexuality in the movie.

Now, i have been talking about the movie with a ton of people who are like "Its PG 13" you should have known. OK I can buy that for any other movie. This aint Die Hard, THIS movie is based SOLEY on a products geared for KIDS from toys,comics,and cartoons. I wouldnt have given any thought to taking a kid to see this movie. I don't have a 8 or 9 year old kid, but i felt horrible for the 4 or 5 kids sitting in front of us as they were talking about "Jerkin it" or more pleasntly called "your happy time". That crap didnt advance any plot and could have been left out.

The movie feels completly at odds with what it wants to be. It has a slight comical kiddy robot that bounces around and seems only to be there for the little kiddos and then turns around and pisses on a guy, liturally.



If you bring a child under the age of 13 to the movie, you can not complain about the content offending you as a parent. The rating system is there for a reason. And argument "It is based on toys." does not fly with me. The rating is there. It clearly states the reasons why it was given a PG-13 if you take the time to look or ask.

Josh H

That's funny. I'm 30 and thought still it was disgusting and inappropriate, regardless if my son was with me or not. Now do I have the right to complain? Good grief.

I took my son to both Revenge of the Sith and the Lord of the Rings movies, all of which are PG-13, and in my opinion acceptable for all but the smallest of children. I knew based on the history of both franchises what to expect, and that didn't include sex or mastubation references. Nothing in Transformers history tells you to expect such things either. Transformers is aimed at even younger demographics than Star Wars and in fact, they took the marketing of this movie to whole new levels, going as far as to produce Mr. Potato Head dolls and putting it all over Lunchables. I have every damn right to be pissed off as a parent.


I too like most of the other posters am a bit dissapointed but still torn at the same time. I feel that this movie was on only one of two levels throughout, either it was bad-ass, intense and really great or it was down right corny, stupid and ridiculous (masturbatioin talk, pointless babble and dialouge which did nothing but add minutes). I think they did a great job handling the actual trasnformations of the transformers ESPECIALLY the scene on the highway with prime and bone crusher, when Prime transforms the amount of detail was really great, even down to the tires skidding along the road as they moved into their robot positions.

I give it a B- because I dont have the heart to grade it any lower and because I looked forward to it so so much and am just forcing myself to love it...Bumble bee stole the whole show, I felt really bad for him as they hog tied him up and then cheered and was inspired by him in his never say die attitude fighting with no legs

ah well...its hollywood...heres to hoping it makes enough money to go through with the sequal and that they make some VAST improvementsand make them happen immediatly, not 30 or 45 min in...



oh yea if I can continue just a minute I think Optimus had some really great "speeches" especially the ending and I do think in many cases those corny useless dialogues were quicklly (although only breifly) removed from my memory and replaced with a cool transformers battle or chase sequence.

Bottom line is that I am totally on the fence, 50/50. Loved it, hated it and think that they could have done a much better job with this one and hopefully will on the sequal which we can look for when....like 2010??? geez


I'm still trying to comprehend how a conversation about masturbation could even logically transpire in a movie about giant robots who shape-shift into cars and airplanes.


Ouch, those ARE some 'awful' examples (not saying the examples are awful, but that those are some terrible stuff in the movie I wasn't aware of and totally unexpected from what I at least thought a movie about Transformers should be).


"I took my son to both Revenge of the Sith and the Lord of the Rings movies, all of which are PG-13, and in my opinion acceptable for all but the smallest of children."

So "intense epic battle sequences and frightening images" and "sci-fi violence and some intense images" are appropriate for all but the smallest children? Especially when said images include dismemberment, burning to death, and god knows how many other ways people meet their demise. All just because there are toys made to promote the movies?

And if you are 30, goto a PG-13 movie, and are offended by some jerking-off jokes... well, that is your problem. But you can not take your kids to a PG-13 movie if they are underage, have them see that in the movie, and then claim foul.

"I knew based on the history of both franchises what to expect, and that didn't include sex or mastubation references. Nothing in Transformers history tells you to expect such things either."

Title: Transformers (2007)
Rating: PG-13
Rating Reason: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, brief sexual humor, and language.

Next time I suggest you check the reasons for the rating.

Josh H

Yeah, Hasbro and the filmmakers bear absolutely no responsibility. Give me a freakin' break. Have you been to the toy aisle of Wal Mart? Probably not, because I kind of doubt you have kids. There are kids' storybooks, coloring books, stuffed dolls, kid's t-shirts, kids's underwear, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, etc. Pull your head out, man.

I'm not offended by jerking off jokes. I just think they're stupid and unfunny, especially in a movie like Transformers where they DON'T BELONG.

Brief sexual humor?? Let's see, theres': a semen joke, a comment about "riding" a girl, several references to Sam's secret porn stash, the masturbation scene, Ratchet commenting that Sam wanted to "mate with the human female," Anthony Anderson screaming about being a virgin, grandma flipping the bird...and that's just the one's I can think of off the top of my head. Brief? Hardly. The movie was laden with it.

Besides, my chief complaint isn't the fact that it's not suitable for kids. I am pissed off about all that stuff separate from my having kids. My chief complaint is that all that crap was inappropriate, unnecessary, and unfunny and it's obvious the filmmakers didn't take Transformers seriously.


You are correct. I have not seen the toy aisle at Wal Mart. And you know why? Because it is WAL MART!!! Avoiding the den of the lower gene pool is high on the list of my personal preferences.

As for Hasbro marketing one of their major properties with new toy lines, there is nothing wrong with that. And there is nothing to say parents who buy their kids those toys must take them to see the movie. Matter of fact, as a comic book artist, you have probably been to many conventions. And you know for a fact the real target costumer for Hasbro is not the younger kids, but the 18-35 males who will collect the figures.

And as for t-shirts, underwear, etc. If you want to make that your point, then I say get rid of all the professional sports merchandise for kids as well. Because that is pushed on kids much more than Transformers will ever be. And all one has to do is look at the sports page in the daily newspaper to see enough talk about sex and violence to put any action movie to shame.

And last but not least, I believe the producers and director Michael Bay did take Transformers seriously in the way it matter most. They brought the Transformers to life on screen in a way that has not garnered such a positive reaction since the original Jurassic Park.

So next time you get dressed up in your buckle shoes and stove-top hat, just remember that there are G rated films out there without any of the nasty sex humor that offends you so much. :P

John Walsh

What REALLY bakes my noodle is that they did get a lot of things right, they did a lot of things good, but they went ahead and destroyed all of that with the crap they filled the rest of the movie with. This could have been awesome. This could have been incredible. And I really feel jerked around.

Josh H

"You are correct. I have not seen the toy aisle at Wal Mart. And you know why? Because it is WAL MART!!! Avoiding the den of the lower gene pool is high on the list of my personal preferences."

This coming from a guy who loved a movie featuring pissing robots.

"And you know for a fact the real target costumer for Hasbro is not the younger kids, but the 18-35 males who will collect the figures."

Complete 100% bullcrap. Kids are overwhelmingly their bread and butter. Collector segment is a only a tiny portion of their audience. That's why Transformers: Armada, which was largely hated by adult fans, is credited with jump-starting the franchise again - because kids dug it.

"And as for t-shirts, underwear, etc. If you want to make that your point, then I say get rid of all the professional sports merchandise for kids as well. Because that is pushed on kids much more than Transformers will ever be."


"And last but not least, I believe the producers and director Michael Bay did take Transformers seriously in the way it matter most. They brought the Transformers to life on screen in a way that has not garnered such a positive reaction since the original Jurassic Park."

Transformers wishes it could be Jurassic park. And I think it's funny that you're using the public's supposed positive reaction as one of your supporting arguments. You keep driving home the point that you generally despise whatever the "masses" enjoy (Wal Mart, sports, etc).

"So next time you get dressed up in your buckle shoes and stove-top hat, just remember that there are G rated films out there without any of the nasty sex humor that offends you so much."

Once again, when did I say I was offended? I think it's STUPID and UNNCECESSARY in this film! It’s made to appeal to the lowest common denominator ... you know, like you and your friends at Wal-Mart.


Okay, first off, I am a Transformer fan. I watched old series, and the new ones too. I am a teenager, so I thought it would be fine too see this movie. In my opinion, all of you are correct in some ways. This movie was inappropriate for kids, and maybe parents should have paid more attention to the rating, but that's not the point. I know its a big disappointment to some people, but I find that If you just view it as a movie with the name "Transformers", you'll find it more enjoyable than expecting it to be just like the series.

Scott Z

I have to agree with Josh, what the crap was that? It's like in the middle of a cool movie, they put a trailer for the next American Pie movie. Not only is that lame, now 80% of the parents taking their kids have to dance around a topic that has no place in a movie for kids. I guess the put it in there to get the 15-20 year old crowd. You know what would get the 15-20 year old crowd? GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS! Instead they pulled in the lowest common denominator (like our esteemed 'friend' PG-13 here) who seem to think that crap is funny.

Another beef I had, we finally get to the fight between the two biggest and baddest Transformers and, oh, let's just don't show it. Let's just leave that to the imagination. We'll put a punch or two in the background though, but if we don't show anything, we'll save another 100 billion dollars. What a crock. Optimus has this cool sword he uses to kill Bonecrusher, but he doesn't use it against Megatron? I call BS on that. It felt like they were just trying to meet a deadline/budget.


I saw this movie when it first came out and i have to tell ya it was awsome. On thing that i thought should have happened was to tone down the swareing, just a little. But other than that it was great. If anyone knows about what happened to scorponok at the end please post about it.

Scott Z

I stayed till the end of the credits, there wasn't any more footage about Scorponok.


During the desert battle scene scorponok got the end of his tail shot off and burrowed into the sand. Could he still be alive?


I have been reading through these comments and I am flabbergasted. Can all of you be for real?
This is a film BASED on the Transformers- yes a cartoon and action figure toy conclomerate that was alive and thriving almost 20 or so years ago. Therefore, the major fans of Transformers have all grown up. I believe the film was made for them with that expectation, and so being, they could handle a little honest interaction between parents and their teenage son. Correct if I am wrong but Spike, who became Sam in the movie, had to be at least 16 when the original Transformers came about- as he was old enough to drive Bumblebee. Therefore one might expect a little more mature subject matter when the main human character was closer to being an adult than a sippy cup holder. If you want to dislike the movie- dislike it- but your reasons for picking it apart are puritanical, insipid, uninspired and whiny. Besides- who says comics, cartoons and action figures are just for kids? Grown ups make the money and they buy them and collect them way more than the kids trying to save up their allowances. Also comics and cartoons and animation are rife with innuendo on all levels- always have been. This canon I speak of includes Disney films- there is always something in there to keep the adults interested or guessing as they watch it for the millionth time with their child- whose head it goes over entirely and they grow up just fine. I thought the film was entertaining especially for the constraints hollywood films have in regards to advertising and pleasing a panel and mass producing. If one wants an art film experience- perhaps one should go to an art house and support the independants. Or, better yet- if you can do it better- DO IT. The world can handle as many film makers as it can find. Though I shudder at the one hundred percent homogenized scripts you may put forth- goodness forbid an opportunity to teach a child a healthy respect and outlook for their body- and "Oh No!" we mustn't speak of masturbation, an innate act...oh my Lions and Tigers and Bears!!! If you were a fan of the Transformers when you were a single digit human and were hoping for a nostalgic romp to that time- go get your action figures and sit in your driveway and recreate it for yourself. Did you smirk and say how stupid I was for saying that? Good, maybe now you can start to realize that there is no going back- only forward. Hope you can endure.


The toy line for the Transformers movie is o.k. Optimus is pretty cool as well as blackout, scorponok, jazz, and baracade. The bumblebee toy isn't that great, and lacks many features that the other figures have.

Kevin M

To those of you who keep pulling out the rating card, please pull your head out of your rear (no offense). You know damn well that this movie was not just targeted for the adult transformer fans of today - and you also know that if no child under 13 went to see this movie, it would sink at the box office ... miserably. I'm not saying the movie has to completely appeal to children (to the point of being "PG"), but the excessive swearing and drawn-out masturbation scene hardly contributed to the movie. This COULD have been a good movie that all generations can enjoy ... but unfortunately, it's far from it.

Now...is masturbation such a horrible topic we cant discuss with our kids? Not at all ... but it just doesn't belong in this movie, nor does immature comments like "whats crackin lil bitches." It degraded the movie and made it very awkward for parents who thought it might be somewhat okay (with the ads on Nickelodeon, etc)

And once again, stop repeating the fact its PG-13 ... we all know PG-13 is an arbitrary rating that really doesn't mean anything. Depending on the movie, PG-13 can be one step above PG, or one step below R. In this case, with the profanity and sexual innuendo, it was much closer to an R. Had they not bleeped out the f-word, it probably would have been an "R". There are plenty of PG-13 movies that are fine for kids as young as 8 (and you know it)... and since this is based on a children's toy line ... most of us were caught off guard with the level of adult content. I don't know what's not to understand.

You can say "Hey its pg-13, you were warned" while I say "...but why include it... whats the point?"

(By the way, I don't have kids - I'm an 18 year old college student, and even I'm disappointed)


The origonal take of this movie until speilburk came into the picture and helped bump it down to a pg-13 rating level. Even if it was R i still would have told my Mom that it was pg-13.(Ill be 14 this september 15th.)Even if this movie was R i still watch R movies at home,(Friday the 13th, Nightmare on elm street, Holloween, Hostel, and Saw 1,2,3. But i never would have expected the origonal cut of the movie would be R. Still its a great movie.


Sorry thats Speilburg

Scott Z

"Or, better yet- if you can do it better- DO IT."

We do. We create stories, it's what we do. Josh, Pat, Ben, Bryan and myself. What do you do?

I find it interesting that those who seem to think adult subject matter in what should have been an ALL AGES movie have all hidden their names.




I have a confession. I loved the G1 and Beast Wars cartoons as well as the first 30 odd issues of the Marvel comic. The Dreamwave stuff I also highly regard as the best the Transformers have ever looked on the printed page.

I LOVED this movie. It was funny, cool looking, showed a great relation between Sam and Bumblebee. Optimus was the leader I remember and Megatron was even more badass.
I can look past a pee joke and I didn't even hear Jazz's opening line.
People keep bringing up that it's a kids cartoon. Well, yes it was. But considering anybody who watched the G1 series when it first premiered are now in their 30's. And this movie seems to be aimed at that audience, I find the jokes perfectly acceptable.

Mind you I'm not a parent (and I don't plan to be) so I have a different view point on this. So stating that I say, bring on the sequels!


Well, unfortunately, as much as I would like to be another commenter who types eight or nine paragraphs, and as much as I try to pride myself on being as articulate as I can, all I can say is:

I completely agree with everything you said, Mr. Howard. I loved D@17 before, but my respect for you has just grown tenfold.

Are you going to be at Wizard World Chicago? I'd love to get my books signed, as well as shake your hand for an amazing TF review...


Interesting review and you brought up a few decent things. I for one am not entertained by movies that are dumbed down to the point where they're safe for children. However, I never had any plans to see the Transformers because I've always known it was a kid thing. I grew up watching the cartoon and reading the comic but when I got older I desired comics that had more mature content. So to hear that they tossed in some adult innuendo in order to appeal to a wider audience, I was a little shocked. I figured the PG-13 rating would merely have been due to the violence, didn't figure there'd be masturbation innuendo, go figure.

But to be fair, when I was into the Transformers it was like 1986? That was twenty years ago and a lot has changed since then as far as entertainment goes. The cartoons are grittier, the comics are darker and network tv shows are nothing like what they were twenty years ago. I remember when Married With Children was considered somewhat mature. Now you have cartoons like the Family Guy that blow it away.

So I guess I'm kind of on the fence with this one. I think it was stupid for them to take a kiddie thing like the Transformers and give it adult themes, however at the same time I realize it isn't 1986 anymore and that kids today play games like GTA and listen to Pdiddy. Kind of different from the days of Super Mario Bros and Run DMC.

Gotta take the bad with the good though. I mean 20 years ago we didn't have comics like Dead @ 17 with half naked waify girls running about. We had Batman running around with a little half naked waify boy instead..

Otis Frampton

I saw Transformers last night. Here's my quick review. Quick because I don't want to spend too much time thinking about it:

This movie was beyond stupid. Brain cells were destroyed watching it. It makes the animated "Transformers: The Movie" look like "Citizen Kane" by comparison (that was my attempt at a clever reference, for those in the know).

I guess "The Island" was just an aberration for Mr. Bay . . . a really good flick alone in a sea of mediocrity.

The only redeeming thing I take from this movie is that even surrounded by a noisy, mindless robot of a film, that Shia kid can act his tail off. Good news for Indy fans. Gives me hope for Indy 4.



Your review is dead on! It is the best that I have read so far (and I think I've read them all). I especially liked the analogy of the weirdo who poses your Transformer action figures in perverted poses! Even worse, it was like being forced to watch some spoiled brat kid destroy your mint condition G1 Optimus Prime.

Bay was not a good choice to direct this movie because a) he knew nothing about Transformers prior to the movie, and b) he is from Hollywood. The reason that (I believe) the Lord of the Rings is the greatest film trilogy ever is because Peter Jackson is a huge fan of the books. He himself was instrumental in bringing the story to the big screen, and he was humble enough to remain faithful to the original story. Michael Bay is just a hotshot hired gun, who seems to have contempt not only for the fans but for the storyline as well.

What made the animated Transformers popular was a compelling plot with characters that reflected strong archetypes. If Bay was going to pull this off, he had to at least get Optimus Prime right. But, like so many other Hollywood directors, he had to splice his own DNA into the main character, thus mutating it something else entirely. The end product is just another overwrought Michael Bay spectacle.

I gotta stop now, or I'm gonna go off on a huge rant about this. There were just too many things about this movie that could have been so much better. It goes much deeper than just this movie though. It is symptomatic of Hollywoods incompetence when it comes to crafting a good story.

Thanks again for the great review.


In response to "Seriously?" Are you writing a review, or a psychology term paper on the joys of masturbation? To all of you posters getting your panties all in a wad over Josh's original comments on the masturbation jokes in the movie, let me try to clear this up once and for all.

This is not about being Puritanical or morally outraged. The whole issue is offensive not only as it relates to having young children in the audience, but because it is an attempt to get cheap laughs. One of the most tired ploys of Hollywood is crotch humor. It seems to find its way into every movie (yes, including Disney films). It is a sure sign of a lack of imagination and originality on the writers' part. And in this case, it does nothing to advance the story.

What I find most offensive about the whole thing is that Spielberg and Bay, et al, took what could have been a very compelling story and turned it into an excuse to showcase the entire gamut of trite Hollywood "comedy" cliches. There is a reason why it is commonly referred to as "comic relief" in an action movie. But when it happens at the frequency that it does in this movie, it is more like "comic fatigue", especially when it is forced, perverse and unfunny.

And no, it is not unreasonable for a fan/parent to be angered by being forced to sit through uncomfortable scenarios involving adult-themed jokes.


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So if Transformers was such a crappy movie, why is it #1 at the box office and the #1 fan rated movie right now? (This is according to fandango.com.)

Josh H

Ummm...because some people like crap?

I think it's very telling that most of the people that love Transformers also hated the Star Wars prequels (which were also #1 at the box office, I might add). On one hand, fundamental changes to story and characters along with bathroom humor are okay and we should all just grow up, and on the other hand we're all supposed to foam at the mouth and curse the day George Lucas was born because Jar Jar Binks stepped in doo-doo.


Yeah, the movie was kinda depressing with how eager Prime was to let Bumblebee die. Sure, they don't harm humans, but Prime's attitude was more like, "That sucks, but oh well."

For anyone who's interested, the new video game's storyline is more like the old shows. Prime actually makes it a priority to get back Bumblebee and the others, No gutter talk, Jazz does a lot more than say bitches and then die, and there's an appearance by Shockwave.

In all honesty, if they had made the story arc of the movie more like that of the game, more fans would have been happy, more parents would have been happy, and the movie would have probably made more money. But then again, there would have been less screen time from the actors, and Hollywood couldn't stand for that.


O.K. this may be off topic but has there already been a live action Halo type movie were they were fighting giant bugs. They had Green armor and the yellow visors. Does anyone know the name of the movie?

I just need a quick reply


Sorry to be a latecomer but I haven't seen the movie since it doesn't come out here in the UK for two more weeks, so I've been staying away from reviews but couldn't resist reading this one.

I can't believe more than one person has accused Josh of being puritanical! I mean, did they even notice the website they're posting on? For crying out loud, Josh's day job (or evening job) is drawing girls in bikinis!

The rating is obviously irrelevant since even if there were no potty humor or sexual innuendo whatsoever it would still be rated PG-13 for the violence and destruction alone.

Finally, the idea that bodily fluid humor should be expected for appealing to an adult audience is ridiculous since the wonderful Die Hard 4 didn't have a single sex joke that I remember. Did that cost it the teenage and young adult demo? Of course not.

Sex gags are only titillating for children and the silliest of teenagers, not adults who've been there, done that.

I'm still looking forward to my childhood dream of seeing cars transform into robots in a live-action movie, but disappointed that it will be patronizing rather than a classic. I thought The Island had signalled a new stage of semi-sophistication for Bay but I guess not.

Jay James

Are some of you insane? you call yourselves hardcore fans, yet you are against the evolution of Tranformers? you cannot SERIOUSLY expect the film to be the same cheese as you had in the 80's??? If you ask me, Michael Bay & the team may have had their work cut out trying to please you lot. The puns were amazing, the CGI was the best i have ever seen, the robots themselves had much more personality and the actors (especially Shia) were top rate. The fact that a rapidly dying breed of both Autobots & Decepticons has been re-born to our geneation, and also awakened the younger generation is the best news to be had! I went into this movie expecting the worst, as you all probably did, and came out of that screening spechless, in utter amazement of what i had just seen. Maybe Josh, the masturbation seen irritated you because it touched a nerve? I think its time all you critical sad people that trashed this film took a hard look at yourselves and the way you live, your so so sad and i have pity that you cannot find enjoyment in life, this film is easily the best one i have seen yet.

Carlos F

You are complaining about objectionable content your 9 year old son watched in a pg-13 movie? I guess it's more than just ding dongs that make people stupid. Anyways, I thought the movie rocked. It was a cool update of an 80's cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. I was happy.

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